Frequently asked questions

While many churches have webcams, these are often situated at the back of the church or on the balcony, therefore only giving you a very wide angle of the church, with poor resolution and audio quality.

Our professional multi-camera, funeral live stream allows you to view the service as though you were there. You can see the faces of loved ones as they give readings and eulogies.

However, our cameras are unobtrusive throughout the service, we remain a respectful distance from mourners in the church, using a number of long lenses and wireless microphones to broadcast.

If you have any reservations at all, please talk to us and we’ll be happy to address your concerns.

No, we can live stream regardless of whether the church has WIFI or not. In cases where there is no internet available, we have our own mobile internet solution which has up to ten times the signal strength of normal mobile internet. There is no additional cost for us using this during our funeral live stream.

We use YouTube to stream our funeral services, as we find it to be the most universally user friendly platform, especially for elderly people.

Once you have made a booking, we generate a private link which means only those who have the link can watch the funeral service.

We can of course make the service public at your request but our default option is to make it private.

We provide you with the link the the funeral live stream within 4 hours of your booking, giving you as much time as possible to share it with family and friends.
You are also able to post the link in the death notice on or other websites.
Anyone that you share the private link to the funeral live stream with, and who has a computer, smart phone, tablet or smart T.V. can watch the service.
Yes, once the funeral live stream has finished, anyone with the private link can watch it back at any time. The link remains on our YouTube channel indefinitely, unless you request otherwise.

We also keep a back-up recording on our server, just in the unlikely event that anything ever goes wrong on YouTube.
Yes, we have live streamed many funeral services from crematoriums across Dublin.

Our funeral live stream set-up is completely wireless and mobile, so we are able to stream from the graveside if you wish. This is an additional service though, so please contact us if this is something you would like to include.

We have strived to keep our pricing as affordable as possible for families at such a difficult time, without compromising on quality.

We do not charge to for the use of equipment we already own, nor do we charge for travel time.

We pride ourselves on having the best quality live stream service in the market, at the most affordable price possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns at all.

Not necessarily, we can work with your funeral director to provide you with this service. We work with funeral directors all across Dublin and in most cases they take care of all arrangements.

We typically ask that we have access to the church or funeral home an hour before the service is scheduled to begin. However, in Crematoriums where this is not possible, our experienced team are able to set up quickly and quietly.

While we cannot 100% guarantee live streaming, in Dublin we can get very close to it. It is only usually in very remote areas where we might experience issues with our live stream.

We use professional cellular equipment which enables us to obtain a strong 5G or 4G connection in places where that would not be possible with a normal mobile phone or wireless dongle.

However, if there should ever be an issue with the live streaming connection, we take the back-up recording or the funeral and upload it within an hour of the service.

In order to best guarantee connectivity and to keep our pricing as affordable as possible, we currently travel anywhere within a 25km radius of Dublin city centre. If you are unsure as whether or not you fall inside that area, or would like us to travel outside of it, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help if we can.

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